Name: Poseidon LifeTime
Price: 35.00 EUR

You will permanently receive the Poseidon rank on our server! This offers you the following possibilities:

Your player name will get a bright red color on the whole server.
You can enter the server even if it is already full.
Disguise your identity with /nick!

Main Server:
Rename items with /rename!
Look up crafting recipes with /recipe!
Disable TPA requests with /tpatoggle!
Get the /kit Poseidon every 5 Days!

Satisfy your hunger immediately with /feed or /eat!
Heal yourself with /heal!
Open the workbench anytime and anywhere with /craft or /wb!
See which players are near you with /near!
Repair broken items with /repair or /fix!
Look into foreign inventories with /invsee [name]!
Look into endboxe with /enderchest [name] or /ec [name]!
Fly in selected zones with /fly!
Teleport back to your last location with /back!
Fix all items in your inventory at once with /fix all!
Set as many homes as you want with /sethome [name]!
Look at the armor of other players with /bodysee [name]!
Open the anvil at any time with /amboss or /anvil!
Open the braustand at any time with /braustand
Open the magic table at any time with /magictable!

Sort items in inventory /stack!
Use block as hat /hat!
Condense nuggets to ingots and ingots to blocks /blocks!

Soul shadow wings
Frost wings
Angel wings
Blood Hound wings
Wisdom wings

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